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List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of girls attend Foxcroft?

    There is no "typical" Foxcroft girl. No cookie cutters here! Each girl is her own person and is known, accepted, and valued for whoever that is. Mostly, our students are a collection of individuals who liked what they saw, heard, and felt during their visits to Foxcroft — and love what they have found once they became part of this amazing community.
  • How many classes will I take?

    Students typically take five academic courses — English, mathematics, science, history, and foreign language, plus a Fine Arts elective. We have a seven-period rotating schedule that students learn quickly. On Monday, classes meet for 45 minute periods. Tuesday through Friday are block period days, with each class meeting for one 75-minute period.
  • What are weekends like?

    There are all kinds of weekend activities, including weekly trips to town for lunch and shopping, and frequent outings for dinner and a movie. If you like to be active, there are skating, skiing, and hiking excursions off campus, and fields, courts, and trails — for a walk, a workout, or a game — on campus. We even have a swimming pool that’s open when it’s warm. We visit Washington, DC, often to take in concerts, ball games, and museum exhibits, as well as for other activities suggested by students and faculty.

    There are lots of social events with students from other schools as well. BSSAC, a group of boarding schools in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C., organizes dances, trips to amusement parks, malls, movies, sports activities, and more. Foxcroft hosts a mixer and a semi-formal dance every year.
  • What is living in a dormitory like?

    It’s fun! There are five dormitories on campus — Applegate, Dillon, Orchard, Reynolds, and Stuart Hall. Freshmen live in Reynolds, but the other dormitories have girls from different grades. You may have 3, 2, or 1 roommate(s). Dorm parents and student leaders assigned to each dorm build community among the girls in the dorm with parties and activities, and keep things running smoothly as well.

    One special thing about Foxcroft dormitories is their sleeping porches. Each student shares a room and private bath with her roommate(s). All the beds, though, are across the hall in a different area. Some girls say the sleeping porches are like going to a slumber party!
  • Who will my roommate be?

    You will complete a roommate questionnaire before you arrive. Our Admission Team, which also knows you from the application process, works with the Dean of Students to assign rooms for new students. They try hard to put girls with other girls who have similar interests, tastes in music, and neat vs. sloppy tendencies. It usually works pretty well. Returning students choose their own roommates.
  • Who will I eat dinner with the first night?

    Don't worry; we've thought of that. One of Foxcroft's traditions is Old Girl/New Girl, so you will have a senior assigned to help you adjust to Foxcroft. She will get in touch with you over the summer, greet you when you arrive, help you move in — and then take you to dinner. Your Old Girl will spend the first few days helping you learn everything you need to know.
  • Can I get off campus? When?

    Besides our weekend activities, there are many open weekends when you can get permission to go home or elsewhere. Just request “leave” on our electronic system called Orah, get a parent or guardian to give permission, and wait for the Office of Student Life to approve your adventure. On “Closed Weekends” all students stay on campus. On “Event Weekends,” students attend certain required activities but can leave campus overnight.
  • What internet access will I have?

    You’ll have internet everywhere you need it. All the dormitories and public buildings on campus are connected with wifi and/or fiber optic cable. Most girls bring laptops, but there are computers in the library and loaner laptops you can borrow for a short time if need be. During the academic day and evening study hall, students are expected to remain on sites related to their schoolwork.
  • How do I get involved?

    It’s easy to get involved at Foxcroft. Riding and athletic interest forms are part of the registration process in the summer, and after being on campus for several weeks, student leaders of clubs and activities put on a fair to introduce you to all the opportunities and choices you have. And if you don’t see the club you like, you can work with the Office of Student Life to create it.

    Sign up, listen for announcements during Morning Meetings, and participate in club meetings and activities. That’s all there is to it. The hard part is not becoming over-committed because of all the enticing things to do and try.
  • Is there a dress code?

    Yes, a dress code is required during the academic day but there’s no specific articles of clothing you must wear on a daily basis. Girls wear solid color skirts and pants (that are neither denim nor leggings) with solid-colored collared shirts (polo, button-down, turtleneck are all fine) and solid jackets or sweaters. Shoes, which may not be athletic shoes, include flats, loafers, oxfords, ballet flats, boots, or sandals (during specified times). Riders may wear their riding clothes when they have lessons.

    There are uniform days at certain points of the year, and communication about when and what to wear will help you plan and prepare.

    You can get more details from your CAP (tour guide) when you visit, and from the student handbook and your “Old Girl” when you are getting ready to come to Foxcroft.
  • Is it hard being a day student in a school where most students are boarders?

    No way! Being a day student at Foxcroft is different than other schools because everyone has a room, bed, desk, dresser, and closet. So day students have a place to call their own — just like the boarders.

    Plus, all day students board for the first month of school so they can truly become part of the residential community and get used to the flow of the daily schedule. After that, day students may stay two nights a week on campus and for weekend programs and activities, so if you have an away game, a group project due, or want to go to the “SingSing,” it's easy to stay. Day students are welcome at all meals too. They are on campus so often, sometimes people don’t even know who boards and who doesn’t!

What Parents Want to Know

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What makes Foxcroft different from other girls' boarding schools?

    First and foremost, because of our mission and philosophy, we take an approach that is more individual than most schools. Foxcroft is intentionally small and community-oriented, a place where 93 percent of the faculty and administrators live on campus, century-old traditions connect new and former students, and 100 percent of the students are truly “known and valued.”

    Since girls learn best in an environment of connectedness and collaboration, our community provides an outstanding learning situation for girls.

    Other reasons that Foxcroft stands out:
    • Exceptional Proficiency program
    • Equestrian program
    • STEM/STEAM initiatives in and out of the classroom
    • Four-year college counseling curriculum that culminates with the “Five First-Choice Colleges” approach
    • Lacrosse, field hockey, and many other athletic offerings
    • Our gorgeous 500-acre campus, an extension of the classroom
  • What kind of support is available at Foxcroft?

    We offer many layers of support:
    • An advisor system where students meet weekly in small groups
    • Dorm parents who monitor the overall well-being of their girls
    • A team of faculty focused on each particular class
    • The Office of Student Life, Academic Office, counseling support, nurses — who are all involved in taking care of our girls
    • Student leaders — trained to be an extension of the adult community. Don't underestimate the positive power of your daughter's dorm leaders and Old Girl!

    Our structured day prioritizes time management and our small classes mean each girl gets a lot of attention. When academic support is needed, there’s also:
    • The Learning Center, which focuses on organization, writing, and STEM skills
    • Daily “tutorials,” when all the teachers are available for extra help
    • Private tutors, if necessary.
  • What is the academic day like?

    Students typically take five academic courses — English, mathematics, science, history/social science, and foreign language — plus a fine arts elective. We have a seven-period rotating schedule that is structured to be like college: classes are 45 minutes long on Mondays and 75 minutes long on block period days, for more in-depth projects, labs, papers, and research. There is also a tutorial (extra help) period most days, and a dedicated time for student clubs to meet.

    Breakfast runs from 7:00-9:00 am, lunch is available from 11:30-1:00 pm, and dinner runs from 5:30-7:00 pm. Students meet with their advisors during Advisory Meetings or during special sessions.

    Sports, riding, and dance are usually between 3:45 and 5:30 pm. Study hall is from 8:00-9:30 pm, with lights out at 10:30 pm for freshmen and sophomores during the week; in general, upperclassmen do not have bedtimes. On weekends, freshmen can stay up until 11:15 pm and there is no bedtime for all other students.
  • What are weekends like?

    Weekend activities are scheduled every weekend by Student Activities, a student group, and the Office of Student Life. Foxcroft belongs to a group of boarding schools in the Baltimore/Washington area that plans social activities about once a month or so. These may include dances, sporting events, amusement parks, and cultural events. Foxcroft also has trips off campus to malls/movies/dinner out as well as other options. Generally, there are a handful of activities going on every weekend. Students sign up for events and/or trips that they would like to attend. Alternatively, students may choose to sleep late and watch a movie with friends on campus, do some cooking, catch up on homework and projects, or otherwise just relax.
  • Is financial aid available?

    Approximately 51% of students receive need-based and/or merit-based aid. To apply for financial aid, families should visit the Clarity website and follow the instructions to either create a new account or log in.

    Refer to the Clarity Family Information Guide for instructions on how to navigate the online application.
  • Will applying for financial aid hurt my daughter’s chances of being accepted?

    No. The admission application and financial aid application are two separate processes. Students are accepted or not based on the strength of their application, and “fit” as a potential Foxcroft girl. Admitted girls whose families qualify are then considered for financial aid. Our aim is to help as many families as possible but we have a finite financial aid budget so a family may or may not be awarded aid based on how many other families are applying for aid, and how much we have available in our budget to distribute.

    We understand that affording a Foxcroft education is a stretch for many families, and we try to make Foxcroft an affordable private school. The primary responsibility for funding a child’s education lies with the parents and extended family; Foxcroft can often supplement what the family can afford, making it possible for the student to enroll. We encourage families for whom financial aid is a critical factor to move forward with the application process, keeping an open mind.
  • Whom do I call with questions?

    Contact the Admission Office at any time. We will answer your question or put you in touch with the right person. Our number is 540.687.4340.

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The Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Classes
2:20 pm Tutorial (extra help) period
4:00 pm Sports, Dance, Riding
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00-9:30 pm Study Hall
10:30 pm Lights out!

Two times a week everybody gathers for “Morning Meeting” around 10:20 am. Classes start just before 9:00 am and there are periods for advisor and club meetings. Riding lessons may take place during the day or after school.

Admission Office

Foxcroft School
22407 Foxhound Lane
Middleburg, Virginia 20117

Tel: 540.687.4340
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